About Us

Our Vision

To create best-in-class products that will lead and motivate the most passionate end users, driving them to achieve new levels of performance through our unwavering commitment of technology and innovation.

Our Belief

We believe in being Hard Core about what you do and we hunt. It’s about uncompromising dedication to the hunt and being passionate about what you do.

Our Products

All our products are designed to be rugged, innovative and functional. They give hunters the confidence to hunt any environment and over any obstacle.

Our Team

We have a team of hunters who live the hunt and approach each hunt with enthusiasm.

The Landing Zone

  • Hard Core | Atlantic Flyway Report

    Hard Core | Atlantic Flyway Report

    Atlantic Flyway - Hard Core Manager: Jeremy Bedette Region: Northeast Some seasons are closed, some still going, and some waiting for the next to open. One thing is for sure, the North has snow and Canada Geese everywhere. With a recent nor'easter much of the Northeast/New England were covered up… Read More »
  • Hard Core | Mississippi Flyway Report

    Hard Core | Mississippi Flyway Report

    Mississippi Flyway - Hard Core Manager: Tom Forman Region: Upper Mississippi By the end of next week the majority of the states in the upper flyway will be closed for ducks. The duck population in northern Illinois is uncountable at this time. They are "EVERYWHERE!” The warm weather and steady… Read More »