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Goose Hunting Tips | How To Bag More Early Season Geese

By Hard Core Brands | August 16, 2016

Early Season Goose Hunting Tips It might be hard to believe but in a few short weeks waterfowl hunters will be able to break out the Hard Core Full Body Elites and start pulling the trigger on some early season

Scouting Waterfowl | When to Scout and When to Hunt?

By Hard Core Brands | August 10, 2016

When to Scout & When to Hunt? | Tips For Scouting Waterfowl In many parts of the Country, waterfowl season is less than a month away.  In honor of the 2016-17 waterfowl season, we decided that we would take this

3 Considerations That Make The Best Goose Decoys

By Hard Core Brands | July 18, 2016

Buying Goose Decoys Based Off Of These 3 Considerations Year in and year out, Canadian Geese will provide a worthy challenge even the most seasoned of goose hunters.  Although all species of waterfowl can be very difficult to chase, geese

How to Maximize Early Season Success by Waterfowl Hunting in Mud Flats

By Hard Core Brands | June 21, 2016

Waterfowl Hunting in Mud Flats | Early Season Waterfowl Hunting To be a successful waterfowl hunter, means to be able to overcome all obstacles and adapt to any situation that comes their way.  This statement certainly holds true when it

Retriever Tips and Tactics | Offseason Training for Your Duck Dog

By Hard Core Brands | June 6, 2016

Keep your Duck Dog in Peak Condition With These Retriever Tips and Tactics The offseason can be a really tough time for waterfowl hunters. The lack of ducks and geese in the air, the warm temperatures and the sight of

How To Build a Layout Boat for Waterfowl Hunting

By Hard Core Brands | May 25, 2016

How to Build a Layout Boat For many waterfowl hunters, the concept of hunting from a boat blind is very common practice. Boat blinds offer waterfowl hunters the ability to conveniently travel from location to location, keeping all of their

Waterfowl Hunting | 4 Things You Should Do During The Off-Season

By Hard Core Brands | May 13, 2016

Waterfowl Hunting | Using the Off Season to Sharpen Your Skills Beyond a shadow of a doubt, the period between the close of the waterfowl hunting season and opening day can be one of the hardest periods of a duck

Add Extra Dimension To Your Decoy Spread With A Jerk Rig

By Hard Core Brands | May 3, 2016

How to Finish Late Season Ducks | Using a Jerk Rig No matter how long you have chased ducks, and regardless of the geography in which you hunt them, at some point during the duck season a switch will flip

Turkey Decoy Strategies | Part 3: Using Hen Decoys

By Hard Core Brands | April 22, 2016

Turkey Hunting Decoy Series | Part 3 Hen turkey Decoy Turkey decoys have changed the way turkey hunters chase spring time gobblers. No other decoy has helped to put more beards in spurs on the ground then the hen decoy.

Turkey Decoy Strategies | Part 1: “Fanning” with Strutter Decoys

By Hard Core Brands | April 12, 2016

Turkey Hunting Decoy Series | Part 1 “Fanning” Chasing spring time turkeys is an incredible challenge that can have a turkey hunter sitting on the highest of highs and the lowest of lows, sometimes on the same day! Spring time

Turkey Hunting | Tips For Hunting High Noon Gobblers

By Hard Core Brands | April 5, 2016

Turkey Hunting Tips and Tactics | Mid-day Longbeards There is certainly nothing better in the spring turkey woods than having that long beard scouted, and pinned down. With the perfect turkey hunting strategy in place, you are set up perfectly

How To Learn, Understand, and Pattern Spring Turkey Movements

By Hard Core Brands | March 30, 2016

Understanding Spring Turkey Patterns | Setting Yourself Up for Success Success in the spring turkey woods really comes down to the two P’s, preparation and persistence. While turkey hunting can be one of the most exciting and exhilarating things that

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