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Tips For Scouting Turkeys This Spring

By Hard Core Brands | March 24, 2016

Early Spring Gobblers | Turkey Hunting Scouting and Strategy There is no doubt that spring has officially sprung across a large portion of the Midwest, and with the warming temperatures comes gobbling turkeys. With turkey season already in full swing

Duck Hunting | Year-End Review, Duck Season 2015-16

By Hard Core Brands | March 21, 2016

Preparations for Next Duck Season Begin with a Look Back | Reflecting on Last Year’s Season Any successful waterfowl hunting, regardless of whether they prefer to chase ducks or geese will tell you that one of the absolute best ways

Owning and Hunting Your Personal Waterfowl Paradise!

By Hard Core Brands | March 18, 2016

Waterfowl Leases | What to look for When Leasing Waterfowl Property Having your own piece of waterfowl heaven is every duck or goose hunter’s long term dream. Owning or leasing a small marsh, flooded corn field or grain field pit

Banded Birds | Going Beyond the Trophy

By Hard Core Brands | March 15, 2016

Banded Ducks and Geese | Waterfowl Hunter’s Trophy & Biologist’s Tool By Chris McLeland, Professional Waterfowl and Wetlands Biologist In the world of waterfowl, the banded duck or geese is without a doubt the most coveted and rarest trophy there

Surefire Hunting Tactics for Wary Light Geese

By Hard Core Brands | March 8, 2016

Waterfowl Tips and Best Light Goose Decoys If you do much duck hunting, you probably also hunt geese. The last twenty years has seen a tremendous population boom of Canada geese, or Canadian “honkers” as many call them. But it’s

Solving Waterfowl Season Withdrawals with Crow Hunting

By Hard Core Brands | March 3, 2016

Waterfowl Season Withdrawals | Scratch the Itch with Crow Hunting By: Hard Core Pro-Staffer Sean Beeke It’s Late February, and like many other hunters I’ve been going through waterfowl withdrawals. Many states have an answer to the need to hunt

Snow Goose Hunting | Warm Weather Snow Geese

By Hard Core Brands | March 2, 2016

Warming Temperatures and Strong South Winds | A Deadly Combination for a Snow Goose Hunter Beginning every year, right around the beginning of February, waterfowl hunters will begin trading in the their full body Canada goose decoys for something a

Wetland Management Strategies to Provide Springtime Habitat for Waterfowl

By Hard Core Brands | February 22, 2016

Duck Season Doesn’t End with Closing Day | Post Season Wetland Management Waterfowl hunters, regardless if they prefer shooting mallards over dozens of duck decoys in the marsh or watching geese drop into the spread of Elite full body goose

Are You Hunting These Best Duck Hunting Destinations?

By Hard Core Brands | February 16, 2016

Top 14 Places for Duck Hunting in the USA If you’ve ever been lucky enough to hunt a true waterfowl hot spot and hit it right, you know you are in a destination. In locations like these, you can have

Family Duck Hunting | The Tie that binds

By Hard Core Brands | February 4, 2016

Shooting Ducks │ The Sport that Brings People Together  By: Chris McLeland, Waterfowl Biologist The sport of waterfowl hunting is like none other. It brings people together from all walks of life. Waterfowl can bring a family, group of friends,

Duck Climatologist │ Duck Hunting in an El Niño Winter

By Hard Core Brands | January 26, 2016

Warm Winter Ducks│ Tips to Increase your Harvest As waterfowl hunters, we live for high pressure days with bluebird skies, cold temperatures and a northwest wind at 15 miles per hour. While days like that are days that duck hunters

Two Tips for Late Season Mallards │ Trick Them Every Time

By Hard Core Brands | January 18, 2016

Late Season Duck Hunting │ Two Tips You Need to Know It is no secret that duck hunting during the later parts of the waterfowl season can challenge even the most decorated and seasoned waterfowl hunter. Hunting during these later

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