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Frozen Water Ducks │ Making the Most When Duck Hunting in Ice

By Hard Core Brands | January 13, 2016

Icy Conditions │ How to Continue to Harvest Ducks Many waterfowl hunters believe that the kryptonite of duck hunting is ice. It is widely believed that icy conditions can be the factor that shuts a duck season down! However, here

Staying Hidden from Keen Eyes Above

By Hard Core Brands | December 5, 2015

The Art of Maximum Duck Hunting Concealment Quick question for you. Can you think of a single thing you do (or don’t do) that’s responsible for more wasted duck hunting trips and waterfowl excursions than anything else? No, it’s not

Duck Hunting | Foolproof System to Keep Your Dog Happy

By Hard Core Brands | November 30, 2015

How to Keep Your Four Legged Friend Healthy If you’ve ever gone duck hunting alongside a well-trained and good-mannered canine, you know that the experience is unmatched by anything else out there. It’s an absolute privilege to watch one of

Making Your Own Luck │ The Magic of the Jerk Rig System

By Hard Core Brands | November 19, 2015

The Hard Core Snap Back Jerk Rig│ Hold the Upper Hand This Fall The difference between a successful hunt and going home empty handed boils down to two things; being in the right place at the right time and tricking

Too much of a good thing │ When to pull the spinner?

By Hard Core Brands | October 23, 2015

When to use a spinning wing decoy│ Be more effective on late season ducks There is absolutely no doubt that motion or spinning wing decoys have revolutionized the way we chase waterfowl. If you have hunted waterfowl long enough, then

Out of Sight, Out of Mind | Realtree Camo Can Make All the Difference

By Hard Core Brands | October 22, 2015

The Right Camo for the Job│ Realtree Has You Covered Every hunter knows just how important good camouflage is, and year in and year out Realtree Camo has made the difference between success and failure for many hunters across the

Waterfowl Identification | Tips for the Upcoming Season

By Hard Core Brands | October 15, 2015

Tips to Improve Your Waterfowl Species ID Imagine a beautiful, crisp fall morning. The air is quiet, and you can see your reflection in the mirrored surface of the lake you’re perched on. Suddenly, you hear the sound of whistling

It’s Time! │ The 2015 Waterfowl Season Is Here

By Hard Core Brands | October 5, 2015

The 2015 Waterfowl Season Primer While some unseasonable warm weather are currently gripping some of the Midwest bringing above average temperatures, high humidity, and soon heavy rains it won’t be long until the winds will change. It’s time for our

Get in and Get Out | Techniques for Long Term Success

By Hard Core Brands | September 24, 2015

Want to Consistently Harvest Ducks and Geese? │ Get in and Get out! If you were to ask any seasoned waterfowl hunter what the keys to a successful hunt are, you would hear a wide range of comments from decoy placement

Going Hard on Divers?│Here’s What You Need to Know

By Hard Core Brands | September 15, 2015

Big Water Ducks │ Tips for Success They’re fast, they typically travel in large flocks, and they can be in and out of the hole in a matter of seconds! While most waterfowl hunters are memorized by the sight of

Hard Core E-Z Grass │ Stay out of sight this duck hunting season

By Hard Core Brands | September 3, 2015

Quick and Easy Concealment │ Use Hard Core E-Z Grass this duck hunting season If we have said it once, we have said it a thousand times, if you are going to be successful when duck hunting then you have


By Hard Core Brands | March 13, 2013

They say that spring turns a young man’s fancies to thoughts of love. That’s true, sort of. Spring turns waterfowler’s thoughts toward snow goose hunting, and who doesn’t love that? But it is more than just the thought of hunting

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