Our Story

Hard Core was founded out of the desire to produce high-quality, durable, realistic decoys and waterfowl hunting accessories for the hard-core waterfowl hunter. With that in mind, we began to pore over images and carvings of award-winning, hand-carved decoys. We wanted to create something like these; something that works flawlessly in the field but also wouldn’t look out of place on your mantle at home.

Over the last twelve months, Hard Core has seen a lot of change. We’re using new, more flexible, and more durable materials and with much improved paint schemes and adhesion, Hard Core decoys are second to none.

At the end of the day, the waterfowl hunter wants the best product for their money. Whether they walk into a retail store, or shop online, and they purchase something that says Hard Core, they’re expecting it to be what it says it is: Hard Core. We strive to live up to our name everyday so that when you’re in the field, our decoys will come through for you time and time again. Passion – Persistence – Perseverance…Hard Core

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