Pro-Staff Flyway Mangers

Tom Forman Elite Team Member


Mississippi Flyway Pro-Staff Manager

Tom Forman resides in Aurora, IL with his wife (Shari) and two children (Taylor-16 and Reid-12). He has been chasing waterfowl ever since his father took him on his first duck hunt at the age of six. He killed his first duck (hen ringneck) when he was eight and his first goose at 11. Since that time, he has been infatuated with waterfowl hunting and has spent the majority of his life hunting ducks and geese in northern, IL. Tom grew up hunting primarily ducks over large bodies of water; however, today he spends the majority of his waterfowl hunting over harvested grain fields and his honey hole (sod farm with a pond).   Tom also enjoys archery hunting for deer, shed hunting with his yellow lab “Drake”, turkey hunting, and musky fishing.

His favorite species to hunt is migrating geese after a heavy snowfall followed by strong NW winds on a bitter cold sunny day. HIs favorite decoy spread includes sleeper shells on the ice and banks of a small pond with a few lookers mixed in…Makes the decoys look “ALIVE” and do what the geese do on cold bitter days. Tom loves the camaraderie he shares with family and friends and enjoys seeing his yellow lab work in the field. There is nothing more rewarding than to hear your hunting buddies praise your dog on how well he behaves especially if you do all the training yourself.

Jason Summers Elite Team Member


Central Flyway Pro-Staff Manager

Jason has been hunting waterfowl for 28 years since the age of 9. His father first introduced him to hunting dark geese, ducks shortly followed. When he moved to South Central Kansas in 1991 he met up with a now good friend that introduced him to snow goose hunting, He has been hooked ever since.

He enjoys hunting geese in Kansas and surrounding states, His first choice would be geese in a dry field or setting up a spread to hunt snow geese. He also enjoys hunting ducks on the river when the larger water freezes up in the mid to late season.

He says there is nothing better then having honkers decoy into the spread to let them almost land and watch them back peddle out of the hole when taking the shot…

When you put the work in to scouting, finding the feed, setting the spread, creating the hide and then having the birds commit to the hole at 25 yards or less is the rewarding part….

There is nothing more fun than running traffic in a high pressure area, cause when you can pull birds from another spread and get them to commit to yours is a great reward….

Jeremy Bedette Elite Team Member


Atlantic Flyway Pro-Staff Manager

My name is Jeremy Bedette and I picked up hunting while attending college. It began hunting whitetails with a shotgun, then came the stick and string and finally found my passion, chasing waterfowl. Every year I gain more knowledge, I push myself to learn more tactics and stay up to date with the waterfowl community. I enjoy hunting early season woodies and teal in the marsh and chasing flocks of Canada’s when the first fields are cut. However, nothing matches hunting late season divers, dabblers and geese on big water when everything else freezes up. I am an avid photographer and enjoy capturing the hunt in my photos. I enjoy introducing new people to the sport, developing innovative products and running my gun dog!

Kevin_Bernauer hardcore brands

Kevin Bernauer

International Pro-Staff Manager

I grew up on a farm near LeRoy Saskatchewan, very close to the famous Quill Lakes. Growing up in a farming family always found us busy in the fields during the prime waterfowl hunting months. With my dad being more of a big game hunter it wasn’t until later in life I was exposed to waterfowl hunting. However, around age twelve I was able to join up with a group of veteran hunters in my area and the rest is history. This affliction lead me to Lakeland College in Alberta Canada where I took part in their Wildlife Outfitting Program. I have been very fortunate to be able to work with some great outfitters in both fishing and waterfowl hunting. I currently reside in Wainwright AB with my beautiful wife and two stunning children. Although parenthood does makes it a bit more of a challenge to get in the field, it’s so rewarding taking out new hunters and mentoring them, just as I was able to learn many years ago.

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