Rugged Full Body Snow and Blue Goose Touchdown 12 Pack

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Every detail, feature and function of Hard Core’s new Rugged Series Full Body Snow and Blue goose decoys will change the way you snow goose hunt: forever. Three unique anatomically correct one-piece postures, aligned with Hard Core’s new FowlFlex™ Technology create a decoy that will not only withstand abuse but also truly define durability. The new TruMotion 2.0™ system also allows for a range of motion never before seen from a full body decoy, a critical component of any spread.

  • New FowlFlex™ Technology withstands abuse and defines durability
  • Three unique one-piece poses range from 19” – 22” in length
  • Integrated tail loops
  • TruMotion 2.0™ system creates life-like movement
  • True-to-life adult and juvenile paint schemes for total realism
  • Includes 4 Adult Snow Actives, 1 Juvie Snow Active, 1 Adult Blue Active, 1 Juvie Blue Active, 2 Adult Snow Straight Feeders, 1 Adult Snow Right Turn Feeder, 1 Juvie Snow Right Turn Feeder, 1 Adult Blue Straight Feeder, 12-20” TruMotion 2.0™ Field Stakes