Rugged Series Ringnecks – Foam Filled

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Foam Filled Ringnecks 6 Pack

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Diver duck hunters are as Hard Core as they come. Ringneck’s may look similar to other birds, and hunters demand decoys that have the detail to match the live game. That is there the Hard Core Ringneck decoy rises above the rest.  The foam filled dekes feature amazing detail thanks to the work of two world-class carvers and texture detail from a world champion taxidermist. The decoys also have incredibly durable paint schemes and Hard Core’s WhaleTail™ keel that brings the spread to life with minimal current. Features three drakes and three hens.

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Elite-Series Floating  Foam Filled Ringnecks 6 Pack
Includes 3 Drakes, 3 Hens
WhaleTail Keel
Lifelike Paint Scheme
Foam Filled