Rugged Series Full Body Canada Goose Flocked Head Decoys Feeder & Touchdown

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One-Piece Design! 

Passion, persistence and perseverance would definitely describe the approach Hard Core has taken with their new Rugged Series line of decoys. Meeting the demands of their customers is priority number one while also creating a product truly justifiable of the name Hard Core. Aligned with the brands new FowlFlex™ Technology, these ultra-durable one-piece decoys also incorporate true-to-life paint schemes and superior feather detail.

  • New FowlFlex™ Technology withstands abuse and defines durability
  • True-to-life paint schemes for total realism
  • TruMotion™ system creates life-like movement
  • Flocked Head

Feeder 6-Pack Includes: 3 Active Feeders, 3 Hungry Feeders & 6 TruMotion™ Bases

TouchDown 6-Pack Includes: 1 Super Sentry, 1 Resting Sentry, 1 Relaxed Sentry, 1 Stubby Sentry, 1 Active Feeder, 1 Hungry Feeder & 6 TruMotion™ Bases